Flight Planning Tools
Flight plans, navigation tools, charts, routes, missions.
AC Soft Home of ACS-GPS for FS98, FS2000, FS2002 and FS9, and "The full package" Swissair MD11. Plus panels, gauges, adventure generator and crew dialog, pushback gauge and payload editor. Also has an A380 panel modification for FS9. AC Soft
Airport Nav Finder On-line, illustrated, community-maintained, database of details of thousands of worldwide airports. Contains category, runway, frequency and weather details, as well as local nav aids and a list of other airports close by. Airport Nav Finder
Dauntless Software Dauntless sell real-world and simulator aviation products including SimPlates X - over 30,000 real IFR approach plates for airports throughout the world with an integrated worldwide airport/facilities directory. Also free aircraft checklists. Dauntless Software
EasyFMS & External EasyFMC Two separate software products for FS9, FSX and P3D that use the flight sim's own navigation database and offer advanced automated navigation systems. Although designed for airliners and business jets, you can use them with any aircraft. Easy FMS
 EFASS Electronic Flight Assistant by Froom Simulation Software is a flightplanning and moving-map tool that exports a flightplan to other add-ons. Lots of useful features e.g. autopilot link. Compatible with X-Plane, FS9, FSX & P3D. Nag prompt on free version. EFASS
Flight Bag
From AivlaSoft, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), provides all the aeronautical charts (with moving map function), and other relevant information to perform a flight. Saves a lot of time. Network and 'touch' options. For FSX, FSX-SE and P3D. Trial version offered. AiviaSoft
 Finn Flight Finn Multimaps is map display software for FSX and P3D. Ability to display many on-line map services built in, including Google, Bing and Open Street. Displays your aircraft and all traffic, plus TCAS alerts. Finn Flight
FlightSim Commander FSC is a popular flight planning and navigational tool for FS2004 and FSX only that allows you to plan your flight manually or automatically. Also includes a simple GPS with autopilot, a moving map, and on-line flying tools. Forum. Flight Sim Commander
The world's first online flight planner for flight simulator that can use your personal flight sim environment (subscription required). Real weather, performance profiles, gate assignments and squawk codes all included. Get plan in many formats. Down? FlightSim Guide
Free AirMap Free AirMap from Gemini Software is a Garmin style moving map standalone program that integrates with FS9, FSX and P3D. It shows and follows your aircraft's position and flight plan. Maps are loaded from the internet and there are several types to choose from. Free AirMAp
FS Aircraft Dynamics & Navdata You will find here freeware material Hervé Sors designed for MSFS as well as navaids and Magnetic Variation data updates for FS9, FSX and P3D. Also aerodynamics, aircraft data and airfile design data and links. FA Dynamics and Navdata
fsAerodata fsAerodata enables a global update of the built-in default aeronautical navigation database in FSX and Prepar3D to current real world conditions. Updates follow regular 28-day AIRAC cycles. Payware, additionally, you’ll need an active subscription to Navigraph. FS Aerodata logo
FSBuild Ernie Alston's payware automatic or manual flight planner for MSFS and other simulators. Exports plans to and between lots of other navigation system add-ons, GPSs, FSNav, Radar Contact, 767-PIC, PSS and many others. Forum. FSBuild
This site provides free access to basic, dynamically generated charts of over 20,000 airports world wide. Each chart includes navigational aids and GPS waypoints. FSCharts
FSMap Award winning FSMap brings a realistic simulation of a leading map reading device to FS( and FSX flight simulation. Comes with a selection of European VFR charts. Use as stand-alone or as a panel gauge. Other charts can be added. Simple flight planning. FS Map
 FS Tramp Successor to FS Navigator - a fully integrated, moving navigational map plug-in for FSX & P3D. Can fly flight plan route and holdings through autopilot. AI and multiplayer aircraft on map. New Version 6 licenses are limited to 1-4 years of validity. FS Tramp FSNavigator for FSX!
 FuelPlanner On-line fuel planner estimates fuel and generates load sheets for simulation aircraft. Enter the ICAO origin and destination codes and press the Planner button. Advanced options for registered users (free). Plus API and FuelConnect FSX add-on client. FuelPlanner
Ideal Flight Takes the burden out of setting up a FSX flight. One click creates a completely new flight each time with weather, flight plan, and briefing. It works with any add-on, and its comprehensive features makes it a useful addition to FSX and P3D. Ideal Flight
Navigraph Navigraph was founded in Sweden in 2003 and provides flight sim users with up-to-date comprehensive data and charts via a monthly or yearly paid subscription. FMS data (AIRAC cycles) and airport and enroute charts available for desktop or portable devices. Navigraph
 Our Airports Open-data details of airports and heliports all over the world. Includes general pilot and passenger information and a direct link to a satellite view of each airport. Useful for general information. Our Airports
 Professional Flight Planner X PFPX is a new planner developed by real-world pilots and flightsimsoft.com. The aim of the program is to support the serious flight simmer to produce professional, complex, flight plans for their virtual schedules, setting new standards in virtual flight planning. Professional Flight Planner X
Brian Tooby's pilot's toolset provided as an automated Excel spreadsheet for helping flight planning, including fuel, navigation, aircraft data and much more. Also new Pilot's Assistant page packed with FS2002 & FS2004 tips. Pilot's Assistant
(TA Software)
Plan-G is a free/donationware VFR flight planning tool for FSX, FS9 and X-Plane. It features a map interface with rich topographical detail. Plans are fully editable. Can do the planning outside of FS. Detailed manual. VATSIM support & radio stack.
PRO-ATC/X PRO-ATC/X by Pointsoft replaces and upgrades ATC in FSX. Its implemented Flight Planner is able to calculate a whole route simply by defining departure and destination airports. PRO-ATC/X also adds an active co-pilot to assist you in your tasks. Pro ATC/X
@ Project Magenta
An effective moving map which features MSFS AI aircraft display, ILS display, worldwide navaid database, A/P heading lock on any VOR or ILS and more. Shareware. Demo available. FSX compatible. QuickMap
Radar Contact Award winning, popular, shareware, add-on adventure creator offering customised, realistic ATC for your flight from start to finish. Co-pilot can fly aircraft and handle communications. Supports other popular flight planners. For FS9 and FSX. Radar Contact
Our principal aim is to provide FSX/FSXSE Pilots the best Missions, Flights, Weather Themes, Adventures and our unique "Expediton Flights" plus Photo Scenery coupled with fun flights. These mission can take to unique and rare airfileds. Rolling Cumulus
Routefinder is an online world-wide aeronautical database. Request a route between two points, and the program will find the shortest path and provide a simple flight plan. Route Finder
 SimBrief SimBrief is a virtual flight dispatch center. Registered users gain access to a web-based integrated dispatch system, generating in-depth flight plan packages containing weather forecasts, NOTAMs, fuel planning based on real world winds aloft and much more. SimBrief
Sim Routes A searchable collection of flight plan routes (over 19,000 claimed). Many of the routes show a map and link to airport charts and other information. You can also view an airways waypoints and generate new routes. Majority are US-based. Broken? Sim Routes
A catalogue of flights and destinations for MSFS 2004 and FSX - includes FX Missions. The destinations include famous cities and buildings, impressive terrain, challenging airports. Also has useful flight sim info and calculators. Sim Tours
SimuFly.com  Developers of a Delco Carousel IV-an Inertial Navigation System (gauge) for MSFS. All displays, keys, switches, and lights work exactly as the real ones. Computes, manages and displays true heading, distance between waypoints, and more.  Forum SimuFly
SkyVector.com is a popular way to view US aeronautical charts online. Always current, and always free, FAA Sectional Charts are used for VFR flight planning. The Terminal Area Charts cover areas around major airports. Pan and zoom. Sky Vector
TOPCAT TOPCAT (Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool) is a highly realistic, easy-to-use planning tool with many features. It brings into a single application all of the calculations required to plan for safe and repeatable take-offs and landings. TOPCAT
Tune VNAV FMC-like software that calculates the optimum vertical path of a descending airplane, all the way to the runway. The computed approach speeds are the exact aircraft's manoeuvring speeds. Contains Airbus & Boeing databases. Tune VNAV
UK Aeronautical Information UK real aeronautical and aviation information from the UK's CAA and NATS. Includes free detailed airport charts. NATS
VATroute A searchable database of over 18,000 world-wide flight routes for immediate viewing or download. They also offer the VATroute desktop client application with some useful features for pilots, controllers and VA administrator, and a forum. VATroute
 VfrFlight A free VFR flight planning tool developed by real world private pilot Łukasz Kulasek who uses it for real world planning and FSX/P3D training. Has some unique and useful features and is continuously being developed with new functionalities. Check out the videos. VFRFlight
VoxATC Provides a simulated ATC environment for FSX & P3D with integrated voice recognition. Now what you say does matter, the controllers will be listening to your requests. VoxATC runs alongside FSX and P3D and replaces its native ATC. VoxATC
 For navigation avionics and instruments see Panels/Gauges and Flight Deck Building pages